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Chamber of Digital Economy

An independent organization of professional, creative, inventive and above all authoritative businesspeople that represents the interests of all businesses in the economic and overall development of the digital economy.


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Explore, experiment, and gain a deeper understanding of distributed
ledger technology (DLT) and analyse its maturity;

Explore cross-border transactions between the commercial banks using the digital currency.
The unique aspects of

Chamber of Digital Economy

Chamber of Digital Economy
Proof of Concepts: An Overview

Members of the Chambers of Digital Economy have among their main activities safeguarding business interests and exchanging business experiences and business interests, communicating with government agencies and civil society, as well as organizing trade shows and events.
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Representing the general interests of the economy and all economic entities
Presenting business opportunities in foreign countries
Fostering business ethics and practices
Ensure the attainment and promotion of the common interests of its members
Establish information system for the need of its members, keep the database of business operations